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There is no blank page, Céline Sciamma wrote on the trading card I made of her. I held this mantra since February, 2020, the month before the start of the pandemic, and I still kept struggling to write.

To diminish my dread, I find it helpful to begin with either an epigraph or a few notes on what I aim to accomplish, so here is what I would like for this blog.


I. To write for myself first

I am here to take notes for myself, to document what I wish to remember, and to organize and make sense of what I am learning through writing.

II. To publish on a schedule in public

I would like to publish once a month and eventually once a week. I will be brave to write in the first person, using my real name, and keep posts up instead of taking them down all the time, so that I can be more honest about my process.

III. To make new connections

I have been appreciating all the personal websites and blogs that share step-by-step, how-to guides that answer the exact questions I look up, so I am hoping to be helpful in a similar way and would love to say hi to anyone who randomly finds me.


Influential sources behind this blog: